Monday, 13 October 2014

Sheepwash Urban Park and Brickmaking

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Sheepwash is a nature reserve in West Bromwich with the River Tame flowing through, but the whole area, not so long ago, looked very different.

The site was produced from brick working; marl pits, where clay was excavated for brick making, were dug out of the landscape, and these now form great lakes in the centre of the nature reserve.

The blog will explore these brick-works and how they formed the park, such as the Pumphouse Works, Rattlechain, Stour Valley and the Canal Works; and changed the River Tame that flows through.

Booklet produced in 1981.

There are also other well known brick-works further down the Tame, especially Hamblet's, which was famous for its typical West Bromwich 'blue bricks'. Hamblet's marl pit can be seen below.

Marl pit formed by Hamblet's brick works, West Bromwich.
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What Lies Beneath Rattlechain Lagoon?


Stour Valley New Brickworks opened late 1800s/early 1900s

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