Tame Past Present Future is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and is taking place from May 2014 to May 2015. It explores the industrial heritage of the River Tame in the West Midlands conurbation and its effects on the development of the neighbourhoods around it.

The Tame is the main river of the West Midlands' conurbation, it rises in the Black Country, where it was instrumental in the industrialisation of a region widely regarded as the original home of British heavy industry and manufacturing. It has the largest urban catchment, flowing past 1.77 million people on its way towards its confluence with the River Trent.

The project brings together existing information about the key sites along the Tame and combine new information resulting from the explorations of groups and individuals who are trained and supported as part of this project. These groups will be in locations where there is potential to uncover heritage which will contribute to the overall picture of the development of industries and communities along the Tame - viewed through the framework of the river.

This blog extends from the project to include all the information collected through the project, and to continue after the project, to include future research and findings.

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