Thursday, 7 May 2015

A Big Thanks to Everyone Who Came on Our Walks

Map produced for the walk by Jenni, with the chorus of Brendan's poem.

Yes! A big thank you to all who came to our Jane's Walks on Sunday. Rain was forecast but we had some wonderful sunshine (as can be seen in the pictures). The rain through the night had flooded the river, and made a walk along its greenest banks impossible, but after a detour through the industry we found it again, as can be seen below. The river just wanted to show that although its called 'Tame', it isn't tamed yet!!

Brendan Hawthorne, poet laureate of Wednesbury (the Tame flows through Wednesbury) read his poem 'This River Tame' along the route, a really amazing addition to the day.

Brendan Hawthorne by A Blakeway

And lunch was well deserved at the Aston Tavern where the exhibition was held.

The afternoon walk began under the long concrete tendrils of the Aston Expressway, and on, towards Spaghetti Junction and the M6 (also known as Bromford Viaduct).

Picture taken by Albert Blakeway

Under the Aston Expressway, A Blakeway

The walk was abruptly halted in typical Tame fashion with a fence and padlock. It seems that no-one thinks that the river should be followed or that anyone would want to follow it; if we had have carried on we would have reached Salford Junction, but then, again, another railing and a blocked path!!

In Salford Park, by Neven Falica

But the day ended in the best possible way with cake and drinks in Salford Park, with the river behind and the old reservoir to the front.

So, thank you everyone who attended (including the sunshine) and made it a great day!!

From Jenni, Sally & all at MADE.

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